The Slip



Rory Bowens heads The Slip one Saturday a month, squeezing out two full hours of Balearic-tinged new wave, the smackier dregs of Italy's dodgy disco underground, and some pupil-dilating shoegaze and dream music.

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  • Magma-Eliphas Levi
  • Wolf Muller & Cass-The Sound Of Glades
  • Thomas Bloch-Mare Teno
  • Forest Fang-Peru
  • Hana-The Thrill Of Loneliness
  • 2814-Eyes Of Temple
  • Flying Saucer Attack-Rainstorm Blues
  • GAIKA-Security (Feat. Fallacy & Gretz)
  • New Age Steppers-Guiding Star
  • Gary Boyd-Jeanie’s Dance
  • Nature Lovers-You Know It’s True
  • Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit-Where’s The Money
  • Klar 80-Der Rest
  • Delroy Edwards-I Love Sloane
  • School Tour-Love Loses Hold
  • Flux-The Value Of Nothing
  • Ti-Fock - Lo-De
  • Eberhard Schoener-Why Don’t You Answer
  • Henry Hektik & Thomas W. Sutter-Infernal Jet Waltz
  • Gerhard Trede-African Village
  • DJ Bwin-Mit Bonus Ins Casion
  • Lumigraph-Garbage 2 Garbage
  • Frankie Bones-A State Of Panic
  • Samo DJ-Medellin
  • HELM-Olympic Mess (Beatrice Dillon Remix)
  • Tones On Tail-Rain