The Slip



Rory Bowens heads The Slip one Saturday a month, squeezing out two full hours of Balearic-tinged new wave, the smackier dregs of Italy's dodgy disco underground, and some pupil-dilating shoegaze and dream music.

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  • Bob Cobbing-Are Your Children Safe In The Sea
  • JG Wilkes-Bathing Beauty
  • Bill Nelson-Sleeplessness
  • Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares-"Sableyalo Mi Agontze" (Заблеяло ми агънце)
  • Stereolab-Brakhage
  • Samoyed-Angel St. Nunez
  • Jack Latham-"Running Theme" III
  • Finis Africae-Radio Tarifa
  • Ultravox-Herr X
  • Ultravox-Alles Klar
  • I:Cube-Hnt
  • Joel Graham-Geomancy
  • Bryan Ferry-Don't Stop The Dance
  • Severed Heads-We Have Come To Bless This House
  • Washington Phillips-Take Your Burden To The Lord