Throwing Shade



London-based DJ and producer Throwing Shade brings you an ethnomusicological perspective on weird and wonderful music from around the world. Expect regular themed special episode; a good dose of history, and above all, good music to broaden your horizons. Every other Saturday, 1-2pm.

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  • Yatag performance: A Beloved Otter-Coloured Horse / Mongolia: Living Music of the Steppes
  • Two Chigowilo Tunes / Chopi People / Southern Mozambique-Portuguese East Sfrica 1943 '48 '54 '55 '57 '63
  • Laju (Wayang Sasak) / Sekaha Sekar Karya / Music of Indonesia Vol. 14 (Smithsonian Folkways): Lombok, Kalimantan, Banyumas: Little-known Forms of Gamelan and Wayang
  • Lintata, Onomatopee / Mikea People / Madagascar-Pays Mikea