Throwing Shade



London-based DJ and producer Throwing Shade brings you an ethnomusicological perspective on weird and wonderful music from around the world. Expect regular themed special episode; a good dose of history, and above all, good music to broaden your horizons. Every other Saturday, 1-2pm.

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  • Rahsaan Roland Kirk-Fly By Night
  • Pygimes Of The Lobaye-Fete De Bienvenue
  • Dinh Taktar-Ede Ensemble
  • Kalesh People-Farsi Refugee Plays Fiddle
  • John Renbourn-White Fishes
  • Proj Johnson Adjan-Opiri Fire
  • From Kyrgyzstan-9 Variations on the Komuz
  • Mang'anja, Cewa, Yao-Ine Ndidandaula
  • Ben Brinner-Ladrang Asmaradana
  • Maurice Durufle-Introit Requiem for Orchestra, Organ + Chorus
  • Bert Jansch & John Renbourn-Soho
  • John Lennon-I'm Losing You (Home Demo)
  • Michael Jackson-Working Day & Night (Home Demo)
  • Benjamin Britten (Field Recording)-Gonteng (Djawa)
  • Augustus Pablo-King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown
  • Geinoh Yamashirogumi-Dolls Polyphony