Time Is Away - In Love



Time Is Away and somewhere else every month on NTS. Each hour-long show uses music, alongside snippets of spoken word, to produce something that is part soundscape, part essay for the radio.

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  • Les Troubadours-Ballad of Polly Magoo
  • Tomorrow’s World-Tinkling Glasses
  • Lila-Illuminatus
  • Kevin Ayers-Decadence
  • Piero Piccioni-L'Alfiere
  • Slapp Happy-A Little Something
  • Philippe Besombes-Chocolate Cream
  • Dr Buzzard-Sunshower
  • Ichiko Hashimoto-Kitsune
  • Roxy Music-Chance Meeting
  • The Crying Shames-Please Stay
  • Alessandro Alessandroni-Largo Barroco
  • Warren Zevon-Like the Seasons
  • Nino Rota-O Venezia, Venaga, Venusia
  • The Marine Girls-Day/Night Dreams