Time Is Away - Sister Corita Kent Special



In Praise of Sister Corita Kent

The first Time is Away of Spring celebrates one of our favourite people: the artist, educator and activist Sister Corita Kent (1918–86).

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  • The Bee Gees-Kilburn Towers
  • Congregacion Viene-Arrebol
  • Nuestra Musica-Julahamen
  • Congreso-Canción de la Verónica
  • Le Stelle di Mario Schifano-Susan Song
  • Leonie-Couleurs
  • Sachiko Kanenobu-Look Up, the Sky is Beautiful
  • Cream Soda-Roses All Around
  • Fairfield Parlour-I Will Always Feel the Same
  • Weekend-Too Bad
  • Pierrot Lunaire-Verso il lago
  • Jeannette-Oye Mamá, Oye Papá
  • We All Together-Young People