Time Is Away - A Good End?



Time Is Away and somewhere else every month on NTS. Each hour-long show uses music, alongside snippets of spoken word, to produce something that is part soundscape, part essay for the radio.

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  • Brian Eno-First Light
  • Angus MacLise-Whip Ceremony
  • Deux Filles-L'Intrigue
  • The Red Crayola-Transparent Radiation
  • 13th Floor Elevators-Dust
  • Jessica Mitford-The American Way of Death
  • Yo La Tengo-Spec Bebop
  • October Country-End of the Line
  • The Dovers-She's Gone
  • TVPs-Flowers for Abigail
  • Tronics-Ice Flod Festival
  • Shoes-Un Dans Versailles
  • Nora Guthrie-Emily's Illness
  • Henry Purcell-When I am laid in earth - performed by Emma Kirkby
  • Yoko Ono-Death of Samantha
  • Jesicca Mitford-No Regrets
  • Brigitte Fontaine-Eternelle