Robbin' Lobsters From Mobsters w/ Tom Boogizm



Fantastically broad selections from Wigan's finest - Tom Boogizm. Manning a mid-day slot from NTS Manchester's studio, expect mixes straddling the wide berths of contemporary electronics, older and jazzier records, hip-hop and even post-punk.

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  • Manicured Noise-Faith
  • Units-High Pressure Days
  • Andy T-I Still Hate Thatcher
  • Lewis Robert Jones-Untitled
  • Miles Davis-Black Satin
  • Himardri-Trace
  • Equiknoxx-A Rabbit Spoke To Me When I woke Up
  • Harmonic 313-Bazooka Riddim
  • Novo Line-Octave Hammer
  • Crotaphytus Acanthosaura-Acanthosaura
  • Wicked Witch-Funky By You
  • Don't DJ-Disparata 69
  • Chayell-Tropic
  • Prince-Forever In My Life (Live)
  • Keke thompson & Sam Wolstencroft-Sentences
  • Inga Copeland-Live In Paris
  • Illumsphere-Red Glass
  • m//r-dread nox
  • J albert-bloo n red
  • soulja-ive been touched (name brand sound remix)
  • horse power productions-classic delux
  • touchdown productions-baby love
  • rude kid-voices
  • rezzett-Zik Kak
  • steven julian-d1
  • Pamela Joy-think fast
  • chico Mann-Soul Freedom
  • sun rs-cosmo journey
  • towanda barnes-you dont mean it
  • count ozzy-bongo man