Cry Later w/ Tropic of Cancer

Los Angeles


Camella Lobo, aka Tropic of Cancer takes to the air once a month for Cry Later. Tune in for dedicated submissions recorded or written by listeners... Send submissions to

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  • Jean Michel Basquiat-Mockingbird
  • Little Ben and the Cheers-I’m Not Ready to Settle Down
  • the Slick and the Wicked - The Lost Generation-The Sly
  • Four Tops-L.A. (My Town)
  • The Stylistics-Betcha By Golly Wow
  • Smokey Robinson-Cruisin’
  • Penny and the Quarters-You and Me
  • 21-46 (Shape) - The Showmen-39
  • Heatwave-Always and Forever
  • Keith Hudson-Treasures of the World
  • Lifetones-Good Side
  • Joe Crow-Compulsion
  • Chris & Cosey-October Love Song
  • Smerz-Because
  • Rhianna-Rehab
  • David Bowie-Heroes / Helden