Tropical Waste



Tropical Waste is at the forefront of underground club music. Giving a platform for the finest of club oddities, multi-cultural and party positive. The next generation.

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  • Sad City-What I Talk About
  • The Advisory Circle-Osprey
  • TIM ‘LOVE’ LEE-The World May Shudder At My Percussion
  • Bad Heir-Duelling Drums
  • Ensemble Skalectrik-Wreksikz (for Louis Johnstone)
  • BLLUDD Relations-Tape R D Leg
  • Powell-Body Music
  • Archie Pelago-Avocado Roller (feat. Becca Stevens)
  • TM404-202/303/303/303/808
  • Recloose-Electric Sunshine (Andrés Remix)
  • Legowelt-Visions In My Mind
  • Dj koze-Don't Lose My Mind
  • Akkord-Destruction
  • Desto-55.0
  • Amit-No Mercy (feat. Rani)
  • J Dilla-One For Ghost
  • Daedalus-Dearly Departed