Tropical Waste



Tropical Waste is at the forefront of underground club music. Giving a platform for the finest of club oddities, multi-cultural and party positive. The next generation.

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  • Gaika-Nquika
  • Tomas Urquieta-Apathetic (W3C remix)
  • Annabel (lee)-Believe
  • Fatima Al Qadiri-Shanzhai (For Shanzhai Biennial) (feat Helen Feng)
  • Mesh-Epithet
  • Bataille Solaire-Lapino (club mix)
  • Clouds-Future 1
  • Shackleton-Tin Foil Sky
  • Pfirter-Fractales
  • Unklone-Grit 555
  • Tessela-Nancy's Pantry
  • Vessel-2 Moon Dub
  • Tzusing-ODD
  • Planetary Assault Systems-Rip The Cut
  • Bjarki-I Wanna Go Bang
  • Perth Drug Legend-Hillend Hyper Squad