Unknown To The Unknown



UNKNOWN TO THE UNKNOWN presents HOT HAUS RADIO: hosted by Fools and featuring exclusive DJ sets from the extended family: DJ TLR, Willie Burns, Serge, DJ Overdose, Baba Stiltz, Tuff Sherm, The Soft Pink Truth, Errorsmith and more have already hit the airwaves with lots more planned for 2016

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  • Futers-U Get Me
  • Alter Ego-Gate23 (Tuff City Kids)
  • Vrrs-House WillRemember
  • N/A-N/A
  • DJ Haus-Gotta love Me ( All Night Mix)
  • TAFKAMP-Boy is Banging
  • DJ Steaw-Frogman
  • Mall Grab-Menace to Society
  • DJ Haus-Didn’t Want to Hurt You (ft. DJ Octopus & Steve Murphy)
  • Mr James Barth-Deepest Thought
  • Konstantin Tschechow-Shift
  • DJ Guy-Harmonic Oscilation
  • Audion-Napkin
  • Pearson Sound-XLB
  • DJ Haus-Artificial Inteligence
  • Shapes-He Should Have Survived
  • Lonny & Melvin-Suck The Box
  • Low Jack-Thin Platforms
  • Daze-Centuries Later
  • DJ Haus-In The Body (Vin Sol Remix)
  • Circling Vultures-Birth of Tragedy
  • Underground Resistance-Transition
  • Igor Tipura-Guest Mix
  • DJ Octopus-Guest Mix