Unthinkable w/ J.G. Biberkopf & The Pitch



J. G. Biberkopf’s monthly hour paints a horrific warped vision of grime and techno through bare bones synthesis, and disembowelled computer music. A horrible, grand vision of digital club music in the 21st century.

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  • Queen-Bohemian Rhapsody
  • Vanessa Amara-Untitled 6
  • Ssaliva-Good2love T_T refix
  • Haruomi Hosono-Korendor
  • Amnesia Scanner-AS Crust
  • Ms. Thing-INOJXRABIT
  • Boe Strummer-Aguirre
  • Uurah-Mini Van Crew
  • Uurah-Bathr
  • Antwood-Virtous.scr
  • Mike Oldfield-Evacuation
  • Good Safe Person-Excerpt from "A Book Unread"
  • 18+-Love Was Like (Party)
  • Vangelis Katsoulis-Picture of Another World
  • Crown Shyness-Scareshen Nimzow
  • SPK-Breathless
  • WWWings-Gravity (feat. Endgame)
  • Hi Tom-2 Work
  • Mvster Mind X DJ Blue-Eastcoast Riddim
  • Kentje'sz Beatsz-11 Instrumental
  • WWWings-Even Angels Cry
  • Coil-Ravenous
  • Nino Rota-Satyricon
  • Elysia Crampton-Ax Amores