Vex Ruffin

Los Angeles


Stones Throw Records' affiliate Vex Ruffin lays it down for an hour a month, live from our LA studio.

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  • Rj and the riots-fuzzed
  • Tlim shug-surf dude
  • Zero-nindo
  • A1-who's darules 1122
  • Georgia sounds-bomb radius
  • Nochexxx-overhound
  • Lumpy and the dumpers-bat
  • Trenttruce-yoshos tongue
  • Rhythm Dr.-space ape
  • Actress-CYN
  • Textasy-illusions of the mind
  • Duran Duran Duran-draw jam
  • Topo-ba ba go, go
  • Seekers international-wake up!dub
  • Dj nate-hatas our motivation
  • Niagra-asa
  • Unknown-yes boss
  • Minimal africa-ebony
  • Yellowman-dub me strong
  • Captain ganja and the space patrol-escape and return
  • Tapes-pipe cleaner-this weeds making me nervous (disco mix)