Way Back Here



For 2 hrs Way Back Here propagate the finest in late night sounds from all corners of the cosmos. With exclusive guests and first time plays, the Way Back Here boys constantly strive to deliver the best that new music has to offer, whilst ever bearing witness to the origins from where it all began.

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  • Loose Ends-Stay a Little While Child
  • Complete Walkthru-Blatant Doug
  • DJ Sonikku-Chemical Plant
  • Bruce Trails-Fly by Night
  • Suzanne Kraft-Skype
  • MGUN-Nobs
  • Roza Roza-There
  • Untitled-Untitled
  • Luca Lozano-2 Wangs in a Room
  • Alex Smoke-Manacles (Alex Smoke Dub)
  • Bruce Trails-Over Falls
  • Neville Watson-Hot & Heavy
  • IMHOTEP-Funky Wet Sphynx
  • OB Ignitt & Omar S-Follow The Line
  • Nicollet-Waking Up
  • Person of Interest-Call This Number
  • Minor Science-Glamour
  • Dr Rhythm-Untitled
  • Workshop 3-Untitled
  • Nukubus-Basser
  • The Kidd City Orchestra-Its Not Over
  • Santonio-Amnesia
  • Jungle Wonz-Time Marches On
  • Napoleon Cherry-Don’t Hide
  • Pixol Music-M Theory
  • Kambo Super sound-1538 Dub
  • Fudge Fingas-Situation Diminished