We Are... w/ Paul Camo



WE ARE... with Paul Camo. An 2 hour slot to make sense of his musical discoveries and influences. Imagine a musical vagabond pouring his caboodle of sound into your ears and you've nailed it.

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  • Herbie Hancock-RAINDANCE
  • Son of Thunder-Jon T Gast
  • Upside Down Left Eye-Rainforest spiritual enslavement
  • Shirley Horn-Consequences of a drug addict role
  • Thoughts On Air-Foundations building blocks
  • Brian Eno-Here Come the Warm Jets
  • Naffi Sandwich-More Like Beans
  • Interant Dub-Monkey
  • Dj Spider & Marshallio-C16H21NO3
  • Pierre Courbois-Frees Electric Hi-Hat March
  • Jacques Charpentier-Kama Soutra