We Are... w/ Paul Camo



WE ARE... with Paul Camo. An 2 hour slot to make sense of his musical discoveries and influences. Imagine a musical vagabond pouring his caboodle of sound into your ears and you've nailed it.

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  • Alice Coltrane With Strings-A Love Supreme
  • Afusa Abasi & The Yahoo Band-Karibu Ramadhani
  • Curuba-Siina Miiri
  • Operating Theatre-Positive Disintegration
  • Renaldo & The Load-Critical-Dance
  • Japan Blues-Mysterious Satsuma
  • Naffi Sandwich-Hoochie Pooch
  • Sunburned Hand Of The Man-Knifelife
  • Pour Le Kama Soutra-Jacques Charpentier
  • Blank Mind-Unknown
  • How To Kill Detroit-Unknown
  • TV Victor-Unknown