We Are... w/ Paul Camo



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  • Funkadelic-I Wanna Know If It's Good To You?
  • Trade Martin-Heavy Rock at OJ
  • Coeur Magique-Wakan Tanka
  • Mayfield's Mule-Double Dealing Woman
  • Fear Itself-Born Under A Bad Sign
  • Black Swan-Echoes and Rainbows
  • Hurdy Gurdy-The Giant
  • Ipsissimus-Hold On
  • The ID-Short Circuit
  • Selda-Yaylalar
  • Poni - Tails-Come On Joey, Dance With Me
  • The Marvelettes-All The Love I Got
  • The Outcasts-Loving You Sometimes
  • Jacques Dutronc-L'augmentation
  • Groundhogs-Status People
  • Plant and See-Put Out My Fire
  • Injun Joe-Indian Preist