Who's That Girl - S/He Got The Blues In Her/e



A homage of love for the Venus-rich soul, sound, sexuality, art & allure of all things feminine. Sonic vibrations that beat from the female drum, with your host Leyla.

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  • Loren Connors-An Air
  • Suzanne Langille & Loren Mazzacane Connors-Echoes
  • Beth Orton-Candles Extract
  • Suzanne Langille & Loren Mazzacane Connors-Let the Darkness Fall
  • Express Rising-Answering Echo So Near
  • Catherine Howe-On a Misty Morning
  • Laura Nyro-I am the Blues
  • Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille-Single Heart
  • Suzanne Langille & Loren Mazzacane Connors-Strong & Foolish Heart
  • Suzanne Langille & Loren Mazzacane Connors-Invocation
  • Cat Power-Blue
  • Marisa Anderson-Into the Light Intro
  • Loren Connors & Suzanne Langille-43rd & 8th
  • Loren Connors-Blues No.1
  • Mazzy Star-Mary of Silence
  • Joan La Barbara-Thunder Extract
  • Joan La Barbara-Twelvesong Extract
  • Nina Simone-Wild is the Wind
  • Brother Ah-Transcendental March (Creation Song)
  • Thalia Zedek-Winning Hand Intro
  • Joni Mitchell-Blue
  • Kathy Heideman-Stormy
  • Brother Ah & The Sounds of Awareness-Motherless Child Intro
  • Sonic Youth-I Love Golden Blue
  • Becky Severson-A Special Path