Who's That Girl - Skin & Steel



A homage of love for the Venus-rich soul, sound, sexuality, art & allure of all things feminine. Sonic vibrations that beat from the female drum, with your host Leyla.

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  • Iration Steppas-High Rise Vibration
  • Sheila Hylton-The Beds Too Big Without You
  • Valerie Stuart with Black Heart-Flirt
  • Senya-Rootsman
  • Sharon Little-Don't Mash Up Creation
  • Judy Mowatt-Black Woman
  • Mad Professor & Mother Nature-Palm Beach
  • Jennifer Lara-Consider Me
  • Aisha-Prophecy
  • Audrey-English Girl
  • Angela Prince-I Don't Want to Feel Ashamed
  • Nianatty-One Love Stylee
  • Merva Grier-Feeling Like a Million
  • Sound Iration feat. Tena Stelin-Give Thanks & Praise
  • Jacin-Mystic Move