Wine Lips



Wine Lips is the monthly of Illustrator Daniel David Freeman. Specialising in reggae and dub whilst exploring their influence on other genres across balearic, new wave, italo, worldbeat and early house

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  • Black Sabbath-Planet Caravan
  • Antena-Camino Del Sol
  • Nino Ferrer-Moses
  • Queen-Cool Cat
  • Frida-I see Red
  • George & Glenn Miller-Burning (Hampus Time Edit)
  • Flash & The Pan-Walking In The Rain
  • The Buggles-Island (Edit)
  • Mike Oldfield-Foreign Affair
  • Linda Di Franco-T.V. Scene
  • The Blue Nile-Tinseltown In The Rain
  • It's Immaterial-Driving Away From Home (Wicked Weather For Walking)
  • William Pitt-City Lights (Extended Mix)