Los Angeles

14.05.16 mixes ambient music with police scanner radio, air-traffic control, numbers stations, spoken word & a bunch of other random things. Found footage, musique concrete, and the perfect ambience.

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  • Cousin Silas & Wolfgang Gsell-First Light
  • HawkDream-Derelict Craft
  • Dave Dorgan-Space Probe (AO40)
  • murkok-A Place With Fern
  • Night Note-Busy Week
  • Massergy-west texas fly-over
  • Whatsisname-Ventilator
  • Moby-Long Ambient 11
  • Stephen P. McGreevy-Eves River Auroral Chorus
  • Boson Spin-Ambient Bite 58
  • KurKami-Raamophile
  • Gentle Persuasion-Sounds and Songs of the Humpback Whale
  • Havdis-Ocean Mist