You'll Soon Know w/ Tim Parker



You’ll Soon Know is nobly dedicated to keeping all y'all up to speed, with all sorts of hip-hop and club music, from local and abroad. Discovering classics with Tim Parker every other Wednesday.

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  • Arca-2 Blunted
  • Djemba Djemba-Chronic Heart Failure
  • Evenings-Friend Lover
  • Holy Other-Past tension
  • Airhead-Fault Line
  • A&A-Skyway
  • Fudge fingas-Light in my life
  • Dauwd-Acireams
  • Dakim-Dew
  • Bibio-A toute à l'heure
  • Muhsinah-Always (feat 00Genesis)
  • Kanye West -Bound 2
  • Count Bass D-Aural S(ECT)s
  • Bibio-Raincoat