Young Turks



The eerily slick Young Turks look after acts like the XX, FKA Twigs, Koreless and Sampha, and we are sure happy they come to give NTS a quick lowdown through a monthly broadcast. Hosted by Tic.

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  • Roger 23-State IX Interlude III
  • Pangaea-High
  • Small White Man-Noise
  • Lifted-Bell Slide
  • Ruutu Poiss-Kiiged
  • Wen-Lunar Tide Cycle
  • Jean Nipon-Put It In The Trunk
  • Lamont-Rain
  • Lamont-One Hour
  • Steven Julien-Reficul
  • Mickey Pearce-Polyester
  • Visionist-Let Me In
  • kaitlyn aurelia smith & suzanne ciani-Closed Circuit
  • Roger Powell-Lumia
  • Eddie Harris-I Don't Want Nobody
  • The Seraphims-The Consciousness of Happening
  • Joane Robertson-Dance With Me
  • Polyrock-Love Song
  • Not Waving-The Cannot Be Replaced
  • Powell-Do You Rotate ft. Dale Cornish
  • The Residents-Diskomo
  • IVVO-Unknown
  • Mickey Pearce-Cakes
  • Reckonwrong-Passions Of Pez
  • Jeremy's Secret-Keyfob
  • Odeko-The Yumato Spring