Young Turks



The eerily slick Young Turks look after acts like the XX, FKA Twigs, Koreless and Sampha, and we are sure happy they come to give NTS a quick lowdown through a monthly broadcast. Hosted by Tic.

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  • Urszula Dudziak-By Myself
  • Urszula Dudziak-Klick
  • Second Layer-Save Our Souls
  • Talk Talk-After The Flood
  • Cocteau Twins-Fifty-Fifty Clown
  • kor blimey-Beetham Tower
  • Portion Control-He Is Patriotic
  • Chris & Cosey-Talk To Me
  • Yuli-Robotic Handshakes In 4D
  • Dam Funk-Tunnels
  • Bootsy Collins-F-Encounter
  • Bullion-It's No Spirit
  • Okazeduke-MF1
  • Klein-Gaz City
  • Samiyam (Ft. Earl Sweatshirt)-Mirror
  • Lil Noid-Load My Clip
  • Dizzee Rascal-Live O
  • Four Tet-Parallel Jalebi
  • Unknown-Erotic Neurotic
  • Tyler, The Creator-Unknown
  • 2 Chainz (Ft. Lil Wayne)-Bentley Truck
  • Bruce-Waves
  • Jeff Buckley-Grace (Live)
  • Asha-Borrow Me
  • Bullion-Unless
  • James Chance-Contort Yourself
  • Molinaro-Let It Out
  • Urszula Dudziak-Choralle For One
  • The Blue Nile-Rags To Riches