Yunomusique w/ Kaoru Noda



Yunomusique with Yumi and our guests features Japanese music, and a variety of music from all over the world selected by mostly Japanese musicians or artists. Currently shows are made in her hometown Tokyo. Yumi had just finished an essay of "Music as Communication and Creative Practice" at university in London when she met NTS and came up with the idea.

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  • Kaoru Noda-Kehai
  • Rufus Wainwright-Who Are You New York?
  • Euros Childs-Spin That GIrl Around
  • Nina Simone-Everyone's Gone To The Moon
  • Akiko Yano-Niji Ga Detanara
  • Sufjan Stevens-Death With Dignity
  • James Blackshaw-Towa No Yume
  • Joanna Newsom-Good Intentions Paving Company
  • Kaoru Noda-Chiisana Sekai
  • Kaoru Noda-Rajio (Radio)