Play It As It Lathes w/ Zach Cowie

Los Angeles


Zach Cowie a.k.a Turquoise Wisdom - former record label guy turned music supervisor and DJ. Zach's sleeped next to jazz records and once a month he lays down a 2 hour mix of ambient, experimental, psych and jazz records with Play It As It Lathes.

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  • beverly glenn copeland-ever new
  • claire hamill-afternoon in a wheatfield
  • eberhard weber-quiet departures (excerpt)
  • tim hart & maddy prior-cannily cannily
  • emahoy tsegue mariam guebru-song of the abayi
  • drahcir ztiworoh-queen of saba
  • terry riley-a spark from the infinite (part 1)
  • djivan gasparian-i will not be sad in this world
  • robbie basho-blue crystal fire
  • iverson and walters-rain
  • slapp happy-mr rainbow
  • vito ricci-the lotus leaf floats on the lake
  • interior-park
  • david sylvian-september
  • toshifumi hinata-reflections
  • june tabor-the band played waltzing matilda
  • penguin cafe orchestra-oscar tango
  • the lost jockey-matters of theory
  • jan steele ziz! ensemble-motorway music
  • moral-dance of the dolls
  • peter nooten & michael brook-after the call
  • bridget st john-fly high
  • franco falsini-parte 3 (excerpt)
  • gareth williams & mary currie-raindrops from heaven