Who's That Girl? w/ Manthe Ribane & Okzharp - 28.10.16  21.11.16 Video

Leyla Pillai of Who's That Girl talks to dancer and singer Manthe Ribane and Johannesburg producer, Okzharp...

Smerz Live - 27.10.16 15.11.16 Video

Re-watch Copenhagen's sublime synth pop duo Smerz live in action.

In conversation with Dej Loaf 14.11.16 Video

Re-watch TTB welcoming Dej Loaf to London and talking balling, rapping, and generally being the best in a male-dominated industry.

Tiffany Calver & House Of Pharaohs - 11.11.16 11.11.16 Video

Tiffany Calver teams up with homegrown collective House of Pharaohs for a session.

Lord Narf & Ethereal Live (Awful Records) - 21.10.16 10.11.16 Video

Re-watch Lord Narf and Ethereal from the misfit Atlanta trap label, Awful Records, doing their thing and getting down with the fishes.

NTS: James Holden & Camilo Tirado live at Church Of Sound - 23.10.16 04.11.16 Video

James Holden and Camilo Tirado perform 'Outdoor Museum Of Fractals', created in celebration of Terry Riley's eightieth birthday.

Eli Keszler Live - 26.10.16 04.11.16 Video

We filmed the multi-instrumentalist Eli Keszler drumming on a rooftop in Haggerston.

LSO Community Gamelan live at Church of Sound 03.11.16 Video

Re-watch the London Symphony Orchestra's community Gamelan group playing Balinese percussion at the St James The Great Church in Clapton.

Impey (feat. O-Dessa) - Bleepz w/ Kwam & Darkos  03.11.16 Video

Best viewed on a smartphone - full 3D interactive live business from Kwam and Darkos, going bar to bar over Impey's 'Bleepz' (feat. O-Dessa).

Rago Foot live at Corsica studios - 19.10.16 02.11.16 Video

The Sub Luna City affiliate Rago Foot warms up for Jamie Isaac at Corsica Studios. You can listen back to his latest appearance on Mack's City Rhythms show below:

Ex Easter Island Head live at Church Of Sound - 23.10.19 01.11.16 Video

Ex-Easter Island Head - an ensemble for solid-body electric guitar, pitched percussion and other instruments - perform live for NTS at the St James The Great Church in Clapton.

Jamie Isaac live at Corsica Studios - 19.10.16 01.11.16 Video

Re-watch the King Krule and Rejjie Snowe affiliate Jamie Isaac doing his thing live at Corsica Studios.