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Climie Fisher

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Climie Fisher

Climie Fisher has been played on NTS in shows including THE SOUND OF GRAND THEFT AUTO: A MUSICAL HISTORY, featured first on 14 December 2020. Songs played include Love Changes (Everything).

Climie Fisher were a London, UK pop duo formed by composer & vocalist, Simon Climie (born 7 April 1960) and former Naked Eyes keyboardist, Rob Fisher (5 November 1956 - 25 August 1999). They were active from 1987 till their split in 1990.

The duo is best known for their hit single "Love Changes (Everything)" which reached Number 2 in the UK & Number 23 in the U.S. in 1987, and the hip hop-styled remix…

Love Changes (Everything)
Climie Fisher
Love Changes (Everything)
Climie FisherEMI1987