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Morgue Vanguard

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Morgue Vanguard

Morgue Vanguard was first played on NTS on 4 February 2021. Songs played include Di Hadapan Babylon.

Morgue Vanguard aka Ucok aka Herry Sutresna is one of the founders of Homicide collective hip hop group in 1994-5. Together with Homicide, he had made two albums intact before Homicide disbanded in 2007. After Homicide, Ucok founded a new group Trigger Mortis and Bars of Death. Ucok is an alumni of the Faculty of Art and Design at the Bandung Institute of Technology and English Literature at the University of Padjajaran — who later became active in the People's Democratic Party (PRD) during the twilight of the…

Di Hadapan Babylon
Morgue Vanguard, Doyz, Randslam
Grimloc Records, Disaster Records2018
Di Hadapan Babylon
Morgue Vanguard, Doyz, RandslamGrimloc Records, Disaster Records2018