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Twilight Falls

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Twilight Falls

Twilight Falls has been played on NTS in shows including Yem Gel, featured first on 21 March 2021. Songs played include Orogeny I.

There are two artists known as Twilight Falls.

Band responsible for "Emo Punk Goes Classic Rock".

Formed in 1999. Twilight Falls consists of drummer/vocalist Bleak, and guitarist/back vocals A. Fox. They have recorded one demo that is a split self release in 2000 called …An Ode to Nothingness. In 2002 they recorded their second release "Lore from an Ancient Forest". Partially recorded in Chico, California, partially in Eugene, Oregon, and partially in the forests of Willamette Valley. …

Orogeny I
Twilight Falls
Cloister Recordings2013
Orogeny I
Twilight FallsCloister Recordings2013