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Kartoon has been played on NTS in shows including In Focus, featured first on 15 April 2021. Songs played include Get Wild.

It was all a dream for The Kid. The Rialto Calif.,transplant by way of South Central Los Angeles inherited the family business of hustling and gangbanging, despite his gift for constructing colorful rhyme bars.”My whole family is Bloods and Crips,” declares the 24-year-old.” I got uncles 40-plus still hustling. So I felt like there was nothing wrong. I wanted to rap all my life, but it was kind of like a dream to me.” In 2003, star-wishing quickly turned into reality when an…

Get Wild
DMX feat. Flashy, Jadakiss, Kartoon
Sound MAN Records2006
Get Wild
DMX feat. Flashy, Jadakiss, KartoonSound MAN Records2006