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Lee Mallory

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Lee Mallory

Lee Mallory has been played on NTS shows including Acid Memories w/ Astral Vibes, with Everything's Gonna Be Alright first played on 9 June 2021.

Lee Mallory (1945 - 2005) was born in Berkeley, California. He lit out for Disneyland at age 10 in his Davy Crockett regalia, making his way alone to Oakland Airport via public transportation, stopped only by airport security. When the guitar found Lee it was love at first sight. He ran away from home for good at age 16 to live the rest of his life as a musician. Lee's 1966 single, "That's The Way It's Gonna Be" reached #1…

Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Lee Mallory
Sony Records Int'l2012
Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Lee MallorySony Records Int'l2012