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Cyrus Faryar

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Cyrus Faryar

Cyrus Faryar has been played on NTS shows including Heaven and Earth Magic w/ Jocelyn Romo, with Softly Through The Darkness first played on 4 August 2021.

Cyrus Faryar is an American folk musician, songwriter, and record producer. He was active in musical, theatrical, and performance events in high school. After graduating from high school and attending college, he became involved in the entertainment industry, opening the first coffee house in Hawaii. He later moved to Southern California and became active with several groups. When Dave Guard left the Kingston Trio to pursue his interest in early folk music styles, Guard asked Faryar to join…

Softly Through The Darkness
Cyrus Faryar
Softly Through The Darkness
Cyrus FaryarElektra1971