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Ure Thrall

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Ure Thrall

Ure Thrall has been played on NTS shows including Posh Isolation, with Breathing first played on 2 September 2021.

Ure Thrall aka U-R-I has been molding sonic constructions since 1985 and before with the intent of creating sounds he envisioned but had not yet heard produced elsewhere. Throughout the years he has collaborated with a scintillating array of talented experimental musicians ranging from voice of eye to troum. He curates the self-created labels DISCORPOREALITY RECORDINGS and AUDIO ODDITIONS and releases collaborative works under the group names ASIANOVA, SMOOTH QUALITY EXCREMENT, CRUOR, DARMSTADT PHARMACY and SILVA MIND KONTROL among others. Most recently he has completed a…

Ure Thrall feat. Ferrara Pan
Discorporeality Recordings2004
Ure Thrall feat. Ferrara PanDiscorporeality Recordings2004