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DJ Robot

DJ Robot has been played on NTS in shows including Kit Records, featured first on 12 September 2021. Songs played include A Auto S.

DJ Robot from Prague is always in a good mood and he is always serving a delicious musical cocktail, full of hip hop, funks and breaks and things you've heard probably nowhere before. His favourite music is rjd2, Mark Ronson, IAM, Dj Shadow, Sniper or Black Grass. Since January 2008 is a resident DJ on Radio DJ, his shows include R.U.R, Urban Set DJ Robot and Discorobotics, you can see him play in Lávka music club. He is not only a…

A Auto S
DJ Robot
Bánh Mì Verlag2015
A Auto S
DJ RobotBánh Mì Verlag2015