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Space Waltz

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Space Waltz

Space Waltz has been played on NTS in shows including Got Kinda Lost Records Presents Planet Fever, featured first on 15 September 2021. Songs played include Out On The Street.

Moving on from a band he formed in '72 (that included drummer Paul Crowther and guitarist Wally Wilkinson) Riddell began writing songs of sci fi imagery and named his new project Space Waltz. Enhancing the imagery by designing and tailoring dramatic costumes from acres of curtain material, like Bowie, it was not for him the de-rigeur denim uniform of the day. His debut single Out On The Street with an irresistible bad attitude "she'll vamp…

Out On The Street
Space Waltz
His Master's Voice1975
Out On The Street
Space WaltzHis Master's Voice1975