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Michael Beach

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Michael Beach

Michael Beach has been played on NTS in shows including Great Southern Lands w/ James W, featured first on 19 October 2021. Songs played include Curtain Of Night .

Michael Beach is a San Francisco-based musician. The formative years of his musical career were spent in Melbourne, Australia where he released several EPs with Electric Jellyfish (Ecstatic Yod, Twin Lakes) as well as his debut LP, Blood Courses (2008).

Michael has toured the USA three times with Electric Jellyfish (2007, 2008, 2010) and twice solo (2008, 2011). He has toured Australia twice with Electric Jellyfish (summer 2009, winter 2009) and twice solo (2009, 2011).


Curtain Of Night
Michael Beach
Goner Records, Poison City Records2021
Curtain Of Night
Michael BeachGoner Records, Poison City Records2021