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Claudinho & Buchecha

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Claudinho & Buchecha

Claudinho & Buchecha has been played on NTS shows including Rio Doce, with Nosso Sonho first played on 2 November 2021.

Claudinho & Buchecha were a brazilian funk duo. Claudio Rodrigues de Mattos and Claucirlei Jovêncio de Sousa (Buchecha) were awarded Triple Platinum Prizes from ABPD for two albuns and one Double Platinum Prize. They avoided the label of one hit wonders for their first single in 1996 with "Conquista" and became a major pop sensation with lyrics like "Nosso Sonho", "Só Love" and "Xereta" among many others. Their influences include Tim Maia, Puff Daddy and Michael Jackson. The duo's cultural influence can also be seen…

Nosso Sonho
Claudinho & Buchecha
Globo Universal, Som Livre2002
Nosso Sonho
Claudinho & BuchechaGlobo Universal, Som Livre2002