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Jimmy Elledge

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Jimmy Elledge

Jimmy Elledge was first played on NTS on 10 May 2022. Songs played include Your Funny Way Of Loving Me.

Born 8 January 1943, Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Aged 18 years old, Jimmy sent a demo tape to famed country producer Chet Atkins, who signed him to RCA-Victor. Elledge's debut single, the country ballad "Funny How Time Slips Away" - produced by Atkins and written by soon-to-be country superstar Willie Nelson - reached the US Top 30 in early 1962 and earned him a gold disc for selling over a million copies. He later joined the Hickory label in the mid-60s but had no further US…

Your Funny Way Of Loving Me
Jimmy Elledge
Big A Records1967
Your Funny Way Of Loving Me
Jimmy ElledgeBig A Records1967