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Pop Tarts

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Pop Tarts

Pop Tarts has been played on NTS shows including Record Store Rotation: Flashback Records, with I Turn My Radio On first played on 25 March 2014.

Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato formed a disco-pop-rock duo called The Fabulous Pop Tarts. They were friends with Videographer Nelson Sullivan, who documented both men on a personal level and their Performances at The Danceteria. They produced two albums, Age of the Thing which included their hit single, “New York City Beat”, and Gagging on the Lovely Extravaganza.

In 1991 Fenton and Randy founded the World of Wonder production company, (Wold of Wonder wiki page reads) “which was initially designed…

I Turn My Radio On
Pop Tarts
Bungalow, Sport Record1998
I Turn My Radio On
Pop TartsBungalow, Sport Record1998