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Die Hard

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Die Hard

Die Hard has been played on NTS in shows including Cherrystones, featured first on 8 July 2014. Songs played include Die Hard (Venom Cover).

There are more than one band with the name Die Hard.

1) Oldschool Thrash/Death metal band fom Uppsala, Sweden. In November 2005 Harry (bass) formed a band with the intention of bringing the spirits of the past back to life. Thrash Til Death.

2) Pre-Integrity Cleveland hardcore band, released a 12" titled Looking Out For #1.

3) A band from Moscow, Russia playing some weird psychedelic stuff.

4) A band from Glasgow, Scotland who formed the Halleluwah Hits record label and play Animal Collective-esque, hazy…

Die Hard (Venom Cover)
Die Hard
Agonia Records2009
Die Hard (Venom Cover)
Die HardAgonia Records2009