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June Alexander

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June Alexander

June Alexander has been played on NTS in shows including Record Store Rotation: Rough Trade, featured first on 29 April 2014. Songs played include The Girl That Radiates The Charm.

Arthur Alexander (May 10, 1940 – June 9, 1993), born in Florence, Alabama, was perhaps one of the biggest stars to arise out of the American country-soul scene. Working with Muscle Shoals, a pioneering record label, Alexander's "You Better Move On" was the label's first hit and perhaps his best-known song, covered by The Rolling Stones. "Anna (Go to Him)" a US rhythm and blues Top Ten Hit (covered by The Beatles), "Soldier of Love"…

The Girl That Radiates The Charm
June (Arthur) Alexander
Outta Sight2014
The Girl That Radiates The Charm
June (Arthur) AlexanderOutta Sight2014