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Age Of Taurus

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Age Of Taurus

Age Of Taurus has been played on NTS in shows including A Fist in the Face of God presents: Midnite Madness, featured first on 5 May 2015. Songs played include The Age Of Taurus.

Age of Taurus is a two-piece band with Toby W. Wright on vocals, guitars and bass, together with Sam 'Shredder' Thredder on drums. Their first 4 track demo is an awesome slice of classic traditional Doom Metal. Influenced by the likes of Candlemass, Penance, Mercy, Stillborn, Pagan Altar, Revelation, Orodruin, Saxon, Count Raven, Brocas Helm, Dark Quarterer and Black Sabbath, Age Of Taurus have the skills to give you…

The Age Of Taurus
Age Of Taurus
Not On Label2010
The Age Of Taurus
Age Of TaurusNot On Label2010