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Boca 45

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Boca 45

Boca 45 has been played on NTS in shows including House Call, featured first on 24 August 2014. Songs played include We're Right Here.

Boca 45 is DJ and producer Scott Hendy, from Bristol, UK.

Since 2004 he has been signed to the independent record label, Grand Central Records. Prior to this, he released material on Hombré Recordings, Illicit Records, Superslick Stereo Sounds and High Noon Records.

The name is derived from the Argentinean football team Boca Juniors, and a common name for a 7" single (so called because of the speed, in revolutions per minute, that a record of this size plays at).

After releasing his debut…

We're Right Here
Boca 45 feat. The Good People
Digga Please?2015
We're Right Here
Boca 45 feat. The Good PeopleDigga Please?2015