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Vital Signs

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Vital Signs

Vital Signs has been played on NTS in shows including Throwing Shade, featured first on 30 January 2016. Songs played include Dil Dil Pakistan.

There are more bands with this name:

1) Maybe apart from Nazia Hassan, the only other Pakistani pop act that has retained such intense interest and popularity after its demise has been the Vital Signs. But whereas Nazia's classic status and popularity were duly propelled by her working relationship with famous British disco producer, Biddu, the Signs had more of a struggle to face, trying to play and sell the kind of pop that was still a risky anomaly in the Pakistan…

Dil Dil Pakistan
Vital Signs
Serengeti Sirocco Ltd.1989
Dil Dil Pakistan
Vital SignsSerengeti Sirocco Ltd.1989