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Tidy Kid

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Tidy Kid

Tidy Kid has been played on NTS shows including Trevor Jackson , with The Emagineer (Tidy Kid Remix) first played on 22 March 2016.

Tidy Kid: fictional character creating project-restrictive EP’s under various net-labels. The music output is experimental in its use of project conditioning rules, expanding movement and creating contrast within genres. Tidy’s passion involves one-takers, nylon string guitars mixed with lofi idm, pop-esque childish vocals and exploratory production techniques and manipulations. Ideas comes fast. The video works document the various efforts that go into developing the color of a fictional character.

People Sit In Cars [EP] - (Tidy Kid Music 2006) My Frozen Flower Pot…

The Emagineer (Tidy Kid Remix)
pOnk (Tidy Kid mix)
Creaked Records2011
The Emagineer (Tidy Kid Remix)
pOnk (Tidy Kid mix)Creaked Records2011