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DJ Francois & Jeremy

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DJ Francois & Jeremy

DJ Francois & Jeremy has been played on NTS in shows including NKISI, featured first on 1 April 2016. Songs played include Guns, Smoke And Fire.

Genre: hardcore techno / gabber Aliases: Gabbaheads, Public Domain, Sons Of Hardcorps, Sunday's Limit Members: Francois Zoontjes and Jorn Hanneman Appear on: Bonzai Records, ID&T, Mid-Town Records, Delta-MM Corp, RMG Records, Bonzai Classics, Bonzai Jumps, MECADO, Arcade, Ariola, Rotterdam Records, Q-Dance, Cloud 9 Dance, Mostiko, DG-Records & Max Music. Jorn Hanneman also makes music solo under the aliases: Dr. Phil Omanski, Jeremy, Jorn & DJ Jorn. Jorn Hanneman also appear in groups: Public Domain, Gabbaheads, Sons Of Hardcorps, DJ Francois & Jeremy, Ard Und…

Guns, Smoke And Fire
DJ Francois And Jeremy
Bonzai Jumps1995
Guns, Smoke And Fire
DJ Francois And JeremyBonzai Jumps1995