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Zohar Argov

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Zohar Argov

Zohar Argov has been played on NTS shows including Bradley Zero Presents: Rhythm Section, with עוד יום יבוא first played on 27 April 2016.

Zohar Argov (July 16, 1955 - November 6, 1987) (born as Zohar Orkabi) was a popular Israeli oriental Mizrahi style singer.

The most serious disadvantage that Argov met in his rise to stardom was his Yemenite background, which was considered inferior to the prevalent European Jewish culture that dominated Israel since the settlement of the state. His singing abilities were developed by his early participation in the song and chant of Yemenite religious communities.

Most of the Orkabi family (NB: Only Zohar Argov…

עוד יום יבוא
זוהר ארגוב
עוד יום יבוא
זוהר ארגובGalton1980