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Sea Scouts

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Sea Scouts

Sea Scouts was first played on NTS on 5 May 2016. Songs played include Strange Loop.

Sea Scouts formed in Hobart in 1995, following Tim Evans' ending of his previous band Mouth. Firstly comprising of Tim (vocals, guitar), Zach von Bamburger (vocals, bass) and Monika Fikerle (drums), then Tim, Zach and a drum machine, this lineup independently released $100 000 Mammal in 1995. After von Bamburger departed for Melbourne, he was replaced by Alex Pope on vocals and bass, and Andy Hazel replaced their drum machine.

Sara Libero replaced Hazel for the first album, Pattern Recognition released on Choozy/Unstable Ape in 1996. Sea Scouts toured…

Strange Loop
Sea Scouts
Chapter Music, Infinity Recordings1997
Strange Loop
Sea ScoutsChapter Music, Infinity Recordings1997